Points of Light (DM: Michael)

Defeat at the Winery

Nov. 24, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

We left off with all of you being defeated at the winery in a battle against the druids and their strange plantlike creatures. This was after you struck a deal with the burgomaster of Vallaki, reducing the number of festivals in the town to once a month, freeing his guards and Izek, accepting the burgomaster’s continued rule, and becoming employed by him. You also asked for him to provide assistance in going to the winery to deal with whatever problem was going on there. He agreed to let Izek go with you. Later, when you introduced Izek to Ireena, you learned they were biological siblings. Izek then went a little wacko and tried to carry Ireena away. Preventing him from doing this, you overpowered him and tied him to a chair. You then left him in the care of Ireena and Ismark, to be dealt with later after you returned from the winery. On the way to the winery you were then attacked by werewolves. After defeating them, you continued to the winery. At the winery, you encountered a family of people in the nearby woods who told you they were the owners of the winery and they had been driven from their home by druids and their creatures. You later discovered that the entire family suffered from a form of lycanthropy and were wereravens. For unknown reasons druids had taken possession of their home. As you approached the winery to investigate you were attacked by plantlike creatures and the druids as well as the remaining werewolves you had fought before. Those of you who escaped fled back to the Town of Vallaki where you decided to heal up and rest for the night. You had left behind Brick and Jaylin whose fates now remain undetermined. They had fallen in battle, and when Mort had returned to check on them and try to rescue them he discovered their bodies were no longer there. He also discovered your horses had been brought to the front of the winery and tethered to the building. Meanwhile, upon talking to the wereraven family again, you learned that they had decided to relocate to a safer location away from the winery, leaving one of their family members with you to act as a messenger should you wish to contact them again and to assist you in making new plans to possibly take the winery in the future. Upon returning to Vallaki, you then learned that Izek had escaped his bonds and forcefully taken his sister out of town. Mort went on a search to find them and learned that they are most likely at the old mill near town, the same one occupied by the hags who collect children. Mort reported his findings to the rest of you. It was almost night so everyone then decided to rest up and go to sleep because nothing could really be done until after the festival tomorrow, which you promised to attend. It is now morning, and you are awaking to the dawn of a new day.

Rap, rap, rap…there is a loud banging at the door…



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