Points of Light (DM: Michael)

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Recap of previous year and two months
Oct. 23, 328 F.N. (since the founding of Nerath)

If you remember, the last we left off, you guys defeated a white dragon and returned to Fallcrest. You lived peacefully there for a year and two months. Brick was summoned to the Lord Warden’s keep where he was given a hand-delivered message from the Duchess of Winterhaven, a message that had been delivered by a Vistani gypsy. This message said: “Strange things have been happening in Winterhaven of late and one of your relatives has gone missing, Brick. Won’t you please come and investigate?”

Brick enlisted the aid of all his friends and together you have all set out for Winterhaven, taking a leave of absence from your duties at Fallcrest. Brick told the Lord Warden you would all be gone for possibly as long as two weeks and if it was longer than that he would send a message to the Lord Warden.

Along the way to Winterhaven, you met and befriended a tinkerer and his son, several families fleeing Winterhaven to make a new life elsewhere, and a merchant caravan consortium. You invited all of them to work with you and do business with you at Kobold Hall, which you now have under demolition and reconstruction as a possible future stronghold for yourselves. They also told you disturbing news that Winterhaven’s crops have been failing and, as a result, the people are falling on hard times.

Upon arriving in Winterhaven, you discovered a town full of people who are grumbling and on edge. The poor are going hungry and many rumors are circulating as to the reason why the crops have failed. Brick arranged for an audience with the Duchess and was told to await for her summons, if she agrees to one. Meanwhile, some of you went to the tavern to await her summons while Brick and one companion went to his family estate to visit Brick’s relatives. Brick then learned his aunt is distraught and his uncle is missing. Aunt Laurel pleaded for him to go and find her missing husband. She has pleaded for him to go and find him and bring him home safe.

And that is where we left off…

The deaths of Lemac and Tictac
Nov. 13, 328 F.N. (since the founding of Nerath)

You now find yourselves outside of the burned-down wreckage of a cursed house where you spent two weeks being trapped inside. You were only able to escape after you finally decided to offer a piece of Tictac, your dead companion, in a sacrifice to the altar deep within the dungeons of the home. Tictac had been killed by a large fifteen-foot-tall beast in this same room after the beast was awakened by angry spirits who had demanded a sacrifice, but woke it up when you refused. Tictac was killed by the beast. The rest of the party was also severely injured (except the few people who remained in the house’s entry room upstairs watching over horses and donkeys and treasure). Shortly after that, Lemac was killed when he and the other survivors in the basement attempted to go back upstairs. Upon doing so, they discovered the doorways of the house upstairs had suddenly turned into whirling scythes and fire pits had suddenly begun to spew poison gas into the rooms and the windows were all suddenly bricked over. The interior walls were also strangely changed and infested with rat swarms that poured out and attacked you whenever you broke holes in the now-rotted walls. Brick and Mort barely survived and fled back downstairs to the safety of the dungeons where they then spent two weeks healing up and finally decided to appease the still-chanting spirits with a sacrifice, using part of Tictac’s body as the sacrifice. Once this was done, they spent time healing, then they went back upstairs where they found the house had gone back to normal. They then reunited with the people they had left behind and safely exited the house. In the process, they decided to leave Lemac’s body on the first floor and set fire to the entire house to burn him and the structure. The survivors then exited the building and watched it burn, Brick still carrying the last of the remains of Tictac in a bag. Shaken, distraught, and in mourning, you are now deciding what to do next. Brick has suggested you find a store to sell the items you took from the home. While in the home, you procured many suits of cumbersome plate armor, including a battered black suit of armor that came alive and attacked Brick. You also battled a magical broom, managing to capture it and tame it.

The Resurrection of Lemac
Nov. 17, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

We last left off with Brick and Mort being surprised to discover the animated armor and the animated broom they took from the haunted house were mysteriously missing. Brick then decided to pay a bunch of gold to a merchant in the Village of Barovia to use the shop’s forge to reshape a suit of plate armor for his squire, Jeff. Brick procured this suit of armor from the haunted house he had barely escaped earlier that day. He then proceeded to spend the next three days using the forge and his own skills to reshape the armor for Jeff as a gift because he deemed the squire finally trained enough to become a full knight. Meanwhile, Mort and Jaylyn decided to investigate the roads of the village a bit. While doing so, they discovered that the roads of the village were eerily uninhabited and silent, and most of the homes dilapidated, dark, and boarded up. Turning a corner, they encountered a single robed figure pushing a cart. The figure went door to door, knocking. Often, no one answered. But occasionally, someone did. Sometimes the figure was turned away, sometimes the people inside purchased something from the solicitor. Mort and Jaylyn then decided to hide between a couple of buildings and continue to watch as the figure drew nearer. They realized it was an old woman and she eventually stopped in front of another building closer to them and knocked. This time, the people inside answered and took something from the old woman and in return handed her a child. The woman took this child by the wrist and pulled him toward her wagon. The child struggled to escape and yelled for his parents to not let her take him from them. The old woman then stuffed the boy into a bag and secured him with straps and threw him into the cart. Seeing this, Mort and Jaylyn decided to attack. When they did, they discovered the old woman was a night hag, very powerful and evil. She struck back at Jaylyn, hurting her badly with magic missiles. Both Mort and Jaylyn then fled between the buildings to hide. When they did so, the hag ignored them and began wheeling her cart down the street again. She turned a corner and proceeded to head out of town. Mort and Jaylyn followed her and taunted her from a distance, but she continued out of town and disappeared into a mist. They then ran after her to investigate and save the boy. When they did, they found the hag gone, but her cart had been left behind with the boy still in it. They searched the cart, and found five pies in it with the boy who was still in the bag. Freeing the boy, they took him back to his home to his parents who seemed more concerned about getting more pies than about getting their son back. Mort and Jaylyn then went and retrieved the pies and tried to bring them to them. When they did and knocked, the boy answered. He whispered his parents were indisposed and begged for them to take the pies away and never come back. Mort and Jaylyn decided they would do so. They then took the cart to the mercantile where Brick was still working on the armor. Parking it outside, Jaylyn decided to try the pies. She ate two before falling into a deep trance. Mort took her inside and placed her under the watchful eye of Brick. He then left out the front door and slipped around the back of the building where he picked a lock to enter the building from a back door. He searched a few rooms for the merchant’s safe, but failed to find it. He then left through the backdoor and reset the lock, only to discover he was being watched by a Vistani. The Vistani, leaning against a building nearby, motioned for him to come chat with him. Mort did so. Unbeknownst to the rest of the characters, Mort made a deal with the man who was speaking on behalf of his master, the vampire Strahd. He told Mort that Strahd agreed to bring Lemac back to life, if Mort would agree to do three things. One, he needed to hand over the bag with the rest of Tictac’s body parts later that day. Two, he needed to return to the haunted Death House and take Lemac’s body down to the dais down in the basement with the altar where he then needed to make a TRUE sacrifice this time. It was here a that a long-dead cult once worshiped Strahd and made sacrifices. Mort was told he needed to sacrifice a LIVING person on the altar after laying the dead body of Lemac on the dais nearby. After accepting the deal, Mort returned to the rest of the party (Jaylyn was still sleeping in a trance) and asked Brick for the bag containing the remnants of the dead Tictac so he could go give it a proper burial; he also asked to borrow his squire, Jeff, to go with him and help him put the remains to rest. Brick agreed. Mort then returned to the Death House with Jeff where they found the lifeless, but completely intact, body of Lemac on the ground outside the house. In addition, they were surprised to find that the entire house had somehow rebuilt itself, as though they had never burned it. It’s front door was open and waiting. They went inside with the body of Lemac. When they did so, the doors shut behind them and the house sealed shut. They proceeded to make their way upstairs. Mort found his missing magic broom and reclaimed it. After making their way to the basement, he then concocted a story to get Jeff to walk in front of him up the stairs as they headed back upstairs, telling Jeff as they neared the top of the stairs that he had been trapped by whirling scythes and poison gas the previous time he had been in the basement, trapped until he made a sacrifice on the altar. Saying this, he told Jeff he had an idea and asked him to head back downstairs to show him. When Jeff turned to do so, Mort pushed him down the stairs. Jeff survived this fall and they battled each other until Mort knocked Jeff unconscious. He then tied up Jeff, brought him down to the altar, and sacrificed him on it. Lemac, dazed and confused, then awakened from death. Mort told him he was still beneath the Death House and convinced Lemac to get out of their as quickly as possible with him on his magic broom. Together, they flew up out of the house and back to the rest of the party. Brick learned his squire had died, so he then began using the forge to silver his lance instead. It was about this time that Jocelyn arrived in Barovia and found Lemac. Lemac’s mother was best friends with Jocelyn’s mother who, when she died, asked Lemac’s mother to watch over her daughter. Jocelyn subsequently followed Lemac, who she idolizes, (against Lemac’s wishes) all the way to Winterhaven and into the wilderness. She found Lemac’s campsite where her tracks disappeared and set up her own camp there as well, encountering a strange mist. When she woke up she found herself in a strange land. She then was pushed toward a set of gates, entered them, and made her way to the village of Barovia. It is there that she found Lemac and decided to make herself known to her. Upset that she had disobeyed her and left their ancestral homeland at such a young age, Lemac tearfully told Jocelyn to remain with them as they tried to figure out a way to survive this cursed land and get back home. She, Lemac, and Brick then went to a nearby home and investigated some anguished cries they had been hearing off and on for weeks. They found a woman named Mary who told them her daughter was missing. They calmed her down somewhat by telling her they would see if they can find her daughter and return her safely. Mort then fed her a pie, causing her to go into a peaceful trance. The party then decided to rest up in her home and wait until Brick was done putting silver on his weapon. This was after they had previously attempted to sleep in their wagon out in the village square the night before but been startled to find a massive ghostly procession rise from the nearby graveyard and head toward them at the center of town. They fled and hid in Mary’s home as the ghosts marched down the road through the center of town and continued out of town toward Castle Ravenloft. After resting up at Mary’s house, the party then decided to pay a visit to the village’s inn. There, they met three Vistani women and asked them some questions. They told them a few things about the Devil Strahd and the town and also suggested, that if they want to know even more, they should travel out of the village to the nearby Vistani encampment to see Lady Eva, the eldest of their clan. She knows many things. After speaking with these three women, a man named Ismark who was also sitting in the tavern asked them to join him. He then asked them to assist him in transporting his sister Ireena to a safer place, away from the village because she had been attacked by Strahd and his minions several times in the last few weeks. She was holed up in the burgermaster’s home nearby, and he told them that the burgermaster had died several days ago. The party agreed. They then traveled to the burgermaster’s home and met Ireena. She refused to go anywhere, though, until her father, the burgermaster, was buried properly at the village cemetery. The party members agreed to help her and Ismark take the body to the cemetery and bury it there. That was when they met Father Donavich. The priest, disheveled, tired, and hoarse, looked a bit out of it and disturbed, constantly praying in the chapel as they arrived. As they entered, they heard screams from the man’s son below the floorboards of the chapel pleading for his father to let him free. The priest explained it was his son and he was kept in the basement for his own protection. He then explained that his son had left to storm castle Ravenloft with a bunch of other villagers and a foreign wizard. The battle did not go well and most were killed. His son returned to him, but wasn’t the same…something had happened to him. Donavich has been praying night and day ever since in the hopes the gods will make his son better. You then asked Donavich to assist you in burying the body of the burgermaster outside. When you did so, upon finishing the task, you heard howls in the distance and wolves gathered around the cemetery outside the fence. A swarm of bats also settled inside the wall in the distance, coalescing into an ominous figure. Everyone then fled inside the chapel and sealed themselves inside. You have since spent a fretful afternoon and the night waiting for the ominous figure and the wolves to go away, all the while haunted by the cries and pleadings of the priest’s son, and listening to the incessant praying of the priest.

Arrival at the old mill
Nov. 19, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

During our last session, you spent the night at the old church in the Village of Barovia. You discovered that the wolves and bats and the vampire Strahd had left by morning. You then decided to leave the village and head for the Town of Vallaki, escorting Ireena there in hopes that she will be safer. Accompanied by her and Ismark, you left the village and decided to take the shortcut by the Tser Pool where a group of Vistani were encamped. You then decided to visit the tent of Madam Eva, the Vistani elder of the clan. She recognized all of you when you entered and seemed to know details about your lives, even from before you came to this strange land, and asked if you would like to have your fortunes told. You agreed and sat down. She pulled out a deck of cards and proceeded to give a reading. She drew the following cards in this order, and said:

  • 3, Soldier of Swords: This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient will help you better understand your enemy. Go to the mountains. Climb the white tower guarded by golden knights.
  • 9, the Torturer of Swords: This card tells of a powerful force for good and protection, a holy symbol of great hope. There is a town where all is not well. There you will find a house of corruption, and within, a dark room full of still ghosts.
  • 5, the Myrmidon of Swords: This is a card of power and strength. It tells of a weapon of vengeance: a sword of sunlight. Look for a den of wolves in the hills overlooking a mountain lake. The treasure belongs to Mother Night.
  • the Tempter of Crowns: This card sheds light on one who will help you greatly in the battle against darkness. I see a child:—a Vistana. You must hurry, for her fate hangs in the balance. Find her at the lake!
  • the Raven of Crowns: Your enemy is a creature of darkness, whose powers are beyond mortality. This card will lead you to him! Look to the mother’s tomb.

After the reading, you spent the rest of the day and the night with the Vistani around their fire and heard the following story:
“A mighty wizard came to this land over a year ago. I remember him like it was yesterday. He stood exactly where you’re standing. A very charismatic man, he was. He thought he could rally the people of Barovia against the devil Strahd. He stirred them with thoughts of revolt and bore them to the castle en masse. When the vampire appeared, the wizard’s peasant army fled in terror. A few stood their ground and were never seen again. The wizard and the vampire cast spells at each other. Their battle flew from the courtyards of Ravenloft to a precipice overlooking the falls. I saw the battle with my own eyes. Thunder shook the mountainside, and great rocks tumbled down upon the wizard, yet by his magic he survived. Lightning from the heavens struck the wizard, and again he stood his ground. But when the devil Strahd fell upon him, the wizard’s magic couldn’t save him. I saw him thrown a thousand feet to his death. I climbed down to the river to search for the wizard’s body, to see if, you know, he had anything of value, but the River lvlis had already spirited him away.”

One of the Vistani then warned you to avoid an old mill you will encounter along the road to Vallaki.

After leaving the encampment, you came to a roaring falls and magically searched the rocks below. When doing so, you found a mirror that glowed with magic. After that, you continued along the road and came across the old mill that you were warned about. You have decided to approach it despite the warnings you were given.

And this is where we are now…

A surprise visit from Strahd
Nov. 19, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

During our last session, while on your way to the town of Vallaki, the group of you approached a derelict mill even though you had been warned against entering it. As you did, Lomac noticed a raven on the doorstep acting erratically. He determined it was trying to communicate with you and so he cast a spell to see why. Through the sharing of thoughts, he learned that the raven was trying to lead the party somewhere. He also saw images of three old women who entered the mill periodically, sometimes bringing children with them. Our heroes, after sharing information and thoughts, decided that they were night hags like the one previously encountered in the village of Barovia. The raven then led you all around the outside of the mill to a path that led down to the edge of a forest. There you found four large stone monoliths and a flock of fretful ravens. While investigating them, you learned the monoliths were an ancient holy place dedicated to a group of old gods, but they had been desecrated by the hags. Each stone depicted a different city. And one of you remembered an ancient legend that told of these Four Cities, said to be the cities of paradise where The Morninglord, Mother Night, and the other ancient gods first dwelled. Lemac then found a pile of children’s teeth on the ground between the stones…and a bit of dream pastry like those previously encountered back in town that were taken from the hag’s cart. Additional images from the raven showed you that the hags often come there to leave the offerings to Ceithlenn of the Crooked Teeth, an archfey that they apparently worship, as a way to desecrate the holy place. It was about this time that the characters decided that the coven of three hags inside the mill might be too much for them so they decided to avoid it after all and head on toward the town of Vallaki, escorting Ireena there in hopes of bringing her to safety and away from the clutches of the vampire Strahd. As you approached the town, though, you spotted a large cloud of bats approaching through the air. Many of you hid with Ireena and her brother while two of you continued toward the town with the wagon and ponies. While hiding you heard movements and then saw a pack of wolves sniffing and searching the area. Meanwhile, a mist rolled in and formed into an ominous figure on the road…and a group of zombies converged from another direction. Strahd demanded you give him Ireena, but you all refused. That was when you were surprised to discover that one of the zombies was your dead companion Tic Tac, missing part of his arm. A battle ensued as Mort tried to whisk Ireena to safety inside the town’s wall upon his magic broom. Your priest turned most of the zombies and Lemac entrapped the wolves with a spell. The vampire then turned into a bat and tried to intercept Mort and Ireena. The vampire attacked in bat form once and then flew off into the distance never to be seen again. Mort and Ireena joined the other companions inside the safety of the town’s walls while the rest of you drove off the last of the wolves. You then skinned the wolves and carried the pelts into the town, marching past several wolves heads mounted on pikes that had previously been placed outside the town’s gates before you even arrived.

It is here, in the town of Vallaki, where our session now begins…

A visit to the burgomaster
Nov. 21, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

During our last session, you entered the town of Vallaki and spoke with the guards at the wall. The sergeant shared a bit of information with you, telling you how to get to the burgomaster’s mansion. After that, you came across a stockyard with many sheds and warehouses as well as a carnival wagon that was being stored there. You spoke with the husband and wife who run the establishment and discovered that they also run a general store at the site. They told you of an old, abandoned smith’s shop at the town square, and agreed to supply you with fuel and materials in return for the wolf pelts you skinned off the wolves you fought outside the walls of the town. After that you paid a visit to the burgomaster’s residence, seeking an audience with him, and was told to come back the next day. You then went back to the town square to investigate the abandoned smith’s shop and along the way saw a few people in stockades in the middle of the town square, apparently being punished for some sort of crime. You also noticed a sign hanging on the post near the abandoned shop that stated “Festival of the Blazing Sun” (written in big letters at the top) and “Show your good cheer this Third Day in the town square. All must attend.” (which was written underneath in smaller letters).” After that, you removed the boards on the boarded up door of the shop and entered. While investigating the rooms inside, you were attacked by swarms of rats. Killing them, you then set about finding the shop’s forge and cleaning up the place. You also paid a visit to the town’s inn, making arrangements for food. While there, you met a couple of rough-looking men who offered their services as guides or hunters. You also learned some information that might prove valuable in pursuing one of your card-reading fortunes: these brothers told you of a lake surrounded by hills and suggested that might be the place you are looking for. You also encountered a few other people, including the innkeeper. He asked a favor of you: to investigate why his latest shipment of wine is way overdue. While in the tavern, you also learned that the burgomaster holds festivals every week and the next one is in three days, and attendance is mandatory. One person whispered to you that the burgomaster holds the festivals in an attempt to create cheer and happiness among the populace, believing that a happy populace will remove Strahd’s curse from the land. The next day, you returned to the burgomaster’s mansion and spoke with the burgomaster. He arrived with his wife and a silent, sullen man with a deformed arm. The wife constantly giggled at everything her husband said, clapping hands in delight, and inviting you all for tea. Meanwhile, the burgomaster agreed to allow you to use his library. He also agreed to let you fix up and purchase the old blacksmith’s shop in the town’s square. He then invited you to be his special guests at the upcoming festival. You agreed and went back to the old shop to continue repairing it, as well as encouraged Mort to speed off on his flying broom to the far-off wineries to determine what has been holding up the latest shipments to the tavern. In addition, while in town, you also heard the following rumors: 1) purple flashes of light have been seen emanating from the attic of the burgomaster’s mansion; 2) west of town is a haunted mansion. Legend has it that a dragon died there long ago; 3) It’s too dangerous to go fishing on Lake Zarovich, but the threat of Strahd’s wolves hasn’t stopped Bluto Krogarov, the town drunk, from trying. He sets out each morning and returns every evening, but hasn’t caught any fish in a while.

This, my friends, is where our current session begins…with Mort having just arrived at the winery and the festival scheduled to take place two days from now. Meanwhile, Brick has decided to go around town asking questions and investigating answers to some things he’d like to know 1) what are the guards numbers? 2) What is their equipment 3) What do the outer defenses look like, and 4) would like to purchase a map of the town of Vallaki

Defeat at the Winery
Nov. 24, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

We left off with all of you being defeated at the winery in a battle against the druids and their strange plantlike creatures. This was after you struck a deal with the burgomaster of Vallaki, reducing the number of festivals in the town to once a month, freeing his guards and Izek, accepting the burgomaster’s continued rule, and becoming employed by him. You also asked for him to provide assistance in going to the winery to deal with whatever problem was going on there. He agreed to let Izek go with you. Later, when you introduced Izek to Ireena, you learned they were biological siblings. Izek then went a little wacko and tried to carry Ireena away. Preventing him from doing this, you overpowered him and tied him to a chair. You then left him in the care of Ireena and Ismark, to be dealt with later after you returned from the winery. On the way to the winery you were then attacked by werewolves. After defeating them, you continued to the winery. At the winery, you encountered a family of people in the nearby woods who told you they were the owners of the winery and they had been driven from their home by druids and their creatures. You later discovered that the entire family suffered from a form of lycanthropy and were wereravens. For unknown reasons druids had taken possession of their home. As you approached the winery to investigate you were attacked by plantlike creatures and the druids as well as the remaining werewolves you had fought before. Those of you who escaped fled back to the Town of Vallaki where you decided to heal up and rest for the night. You had left behind Brick and Jaylin whose fates now remain undetermined. They had fallen in battle, and when Mort had returned to check on them and try to rescue them he discovered their bodies were no longer there. He also discovered your horses had been brought to the front of the winery and tethered to the building. Meanwhile, upon talking to the wereraven family again, you learned that they had decided to relocate to a safer location away from the winery, leaving one of their family members with you to act as a messenger should you wish to contact them again and to assist you in making new plans to possibly take the winery in the future. Upon returning to Vallaki, you then learned that Izek had escaped his bonds and forcefully taken his sister out of town. Mort went on a search to find them and learned that they are most likely at the old mill near town, the same one occupied by the hags who collect children. Mort reported his findings to the rest of you. It was almost night so everyone then decided to rest up and go to sleep because nothing could really be done until after the festival tomorrow, which you promised to attend. It is now morning, and you are awaking to the dawn of a new day.

Rap, rap, rap…there is a loud banging at the door…

Festival of the Sun and a successful rescue
Nov. 27, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

Our last session consisted of most of you returning to town where you took a day and night to rest up. Waking up the next morning there was a rap on the door and you answered. A courier stood there and delivered a message to you from the Burgomaster. It gave you orders to encourage the populace to participate in that day’s festivities in the town square as well as to maintain peace and order. As you did so, you noticed several people being punished in the town stockades and that several of them were wearing strange clothing. Right after that, you began to hear the distant shout of “All will be well!” along with the occasional clanging of a hand bell. Minutes later, under threatening skies, a parade of unhappy children dressed as flowers trudged through the muddy streets, leading the way for a group of sorry-looking men and women carrying a ten-foot-diameter wicker ball. The burgomaster and his smiling wife, were holding a sad bouquet of wilting flowers, following the procession on horseback.

As weary spectators watch from their stoops, the ball was borne to the town square. There, it was hoisted and hung from a fifteen-foot-high wooden scaffold, and townsfolk took turns splashing it with oil. Before the wicker sun could be set ablaze, though, it began to downpour. “All will be well!” cried the burgomaster as he brandished a sputtering torch and marched defiantly through the rain to light the wicker ball, only to have his torch go out as he thrusts it into the sphere. A singular laugh erupted from the crowd, drawing the burgomaster’s fiery gaze as well as gasps from the townsfolk. The burgomaster ordered the man to be punished and taken to the stockades alongside the others already being punished. Your drunken dwarf companion then caused a disruption and the burgomaster ordered his arrest as well, but Mort sent his magic broom to him and the dwarf got on and was whisked up into the air where he continued to taunt the burgomaster from a safe distance. You then heard screams from the distance. A moment later, a huge beast appears (a saber-tooth tiger). The beast bursts into the town square, coming from the east, and startled people, sending them scurrying. Panic ensued and people began to disperse, the festival ruined. The beast lets out a roar and ran rampant, disappearing between two buildings west of the town square. The burgomaster ordered his men, and all of you, to hunt down the beast. In the confusion, one of you freed the people in the stockades. Doing this, you received thanks and learned from one of them that he was Brick’s missing uncle, who was accompanied by a few of his retainers. Eventually, Mort led the beast (which turned out to be a saber-toothed tiger) across town to its owner, a man named Rictavio. Out of gratitude, Rictavio joined your party temporarily to assist you in your next adventure. Brick’s uncle convinced all of you to make an attempt to rescue Brick and Jaylin. So together, all of you traveled back to the winery. It was there that you did battle with the druids and their minions again, eventually going inside the winery to search for Brick and Jaylin. You encountered what appeared to be a crazy druid and searched the place, finding your companions tied up in the cellar. You then freed them and returned to town. While there, you have taken another day of rest and been contemplating your next actions.

Death of Rumple
Nov. 28, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

We last left off with the majority of you investigating a shop in the town. Inside, you disturbed the rest of six vampires in the attic. Fleeing downstairs Rumple found himself alone in one of the rooms without a light source. Upon creating a magical light, he revealed that that he was no longer alone: the six vampires from the attic had come downstairs and surrounded him. He was then attacked and killed. Meanwhile, the rest of Rumple’s companions, seeing this, fled the building and ran all the way to the burgomaster’s home. There they spent the night and waited for dawn to arrive before venturing outside and heading back to the shop. At the shop, they found the body of their dead companion and burned it outside in the street. Investigating the attic, they discovered the vampires were now gone. The shopkeeper, under questioning, claimed he had no choice in letting the vampires take up residence there and feared for his life. He was then hauled away by the town guard and taken to the stocks in the town center for punishment. After that, the group of you went around town pounding on doors and investigating homes to see if you could find the missing vampires, but failed to locate them. While doing this, though, you came across a suspicious-looking demonic-like person and arrested her. She pleaded innocence and says that she is from your world. She explained that she is a tiefling, not a demon, and that she had found herself taken to this mysterious land by a strange mist. This happened two weeks ago and she has been trying to survive in this strange land ever since, finding her way to this town.


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