Points of Light (DM: Michael)

Battle for the winery

Dec. 12, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

During our last session, some of you traveled to the winery to help out the wereravens. The farm was under attack by a giant tree creature, and while investigating the situation, you fought seven magical scarecrows, an assassin, two swarms of bats, and an old woman with powerful magic, all of whom had attempted to ambush you, but failed to catch you unaware. You soundly defeated the scarecrows and assassin. After flinging an explosive fireball at you, the old woman turned into a swarm of insects and fled into the woods. You were unable to find her. You then destroyed the giant tree creature from a distance.

After the battle, you went into the winery where you found a woman and several youngsters huddled inside in terror. They were part of the wereraven family. After calming them down, they told you that Davian, the elderly patriarch of the family, and Dag, the woman’s husband, had fallen in battle outside with the tree creature. You went and found their bodies: Davian was still breathing, but Dag had died. Mort scooped up Dag and flew him to the abbey in Kresk where he convinced the abbot, a deva, to bring him back from the dead.

When Mort returned with the now-living Dag the family was extremely grateful and shared more information with you about the missing seeds (magical gems that allow the family to make their wine). Davian, the old man, urged you for the good of Bavaria to find and reclaim these magic “seeds.” He describes them as gems the size and shape of pinecones, each one containing a glowing green light as bright as a torch. He believes one was taken to the ruins of Berez (area U) by the ancient hermit there and another to Yester Hill (area Y) where the druids of Strahd have made their home, but he has no idea where the third one might be. Even one seed will make it possible to produce wine again, but the more gems recovered, the better the quality of wine they can make. He then told you that their farm had been attacked several times in recent weeks by the old woman, her scarecrows, and the druids. He suggested you go and get the gem from the druids first.

Taking his suggestion, you traveled to Yester Hill. There, you made your way to the top of a hill surrounded by burial cairns, and found a giant statue that looked a lot like Strahd. While investigating this statue several druids and barbarians hidden within the nearby burial cairns burst forth and attacked. Luther died, and the battle was a harrowing one, nearly claiming all your lives. You prevailed, though, and now Mort has rushed off with Luther on his broom to ask the abbot in Kresk if he will bring him back to life. While waiting for him to return, you nervously eye the statue and, in the distance, an ominous-looking copse of sickly trees with a huge misshapen tree at its center. Blood oozes like sap from the tree’s twisted trunk. Skulking around it are six gangly humanoid creatures covered in needles. Embedded in the tree is a shiny axe, beneath which lies a humanoid skeleton. Oddly the the figures have paid you no heed, even when you were battling the druids and barbarians. Instead, it looks as though the figures are tending to the trees.



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