Zsolt Ulrich, Vistani from Tser Pool encampment

Human, 26, 6'0", 189 lbs,


Long curly black hair, goatee, fit and muscular, big smile, scarf over his head, garishly dressed in colorful baggy clothes over studded leather armor

  • Smiles while he talks and in a slimy manner and false-sounding manner
  • Chuckles frequently and will even let out a hearty laugh at times
  • Chats with the PCs, even about seemingly meaningless matters
  • He will share a superstition or two with the PCs during their talks (page 28, Curse of Strahd)
  • Cunning
  • If angered, insulted or threatened, he will warn the PCs that they better stop acting in such as way or he will make them pay
  • If a PC refuses to heed his angry warning he will curse the offender (page 28, Curse of Strahd)

Zsolt Ulrich, Vistani from Tser Pool encampment

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