Yelena Arasek, stockyard in Vallaki

Human, 43, 5'4", 144 lbs

  • She has a genuine but sincere look on her face
  • She will be apologetic that prices are what they are, but it is how she and her husband make a living. Only her husband can be convinced to drop prices by 10% with some heavy convincing, but only if the PCs buy a lot. She will be resistant to it.
  • He typically works outside, and she is inside the store, but she calls him whenever they have customers so they can both deal with them

She is married to Gunther Arasek.

Gunther and his wife sell items from the Adventuring Gear table in the PHB that have a price of 25 gp or less, but sell them at five times the price.

Yelena Arasek, stockyard in Vallaki

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