Mary of Barovia

Human, 35, 5'6", 143 lbs


dark hair, attractive, frail-looking, wears a cowl and brown-colored robe

  • Distraught and sobbing, she constantly wails even while talking
  • Sits in the center of the floor, clutching a malformed doll.
  • She barely recognizes the presence of anyone in the room.
  • She says nothing in the presence of anger, but she will talk, albeit haltingly, to someone who talks with her gently.
  • She is grateful to anyone offering to find her daughter and who bring her home safely

Mary hid her beloved daughter, Gertruda, in this house for the girl’s entire life. Gertruda, now a teenager, broke out of the house a week ago and has not been seen since. The malformed doll has a strange leer and wears a sackcloth dress. It belonged to Mary in her youth and was passed down to Gertruda. Stitched into the hem of its dress is a frayed tag bearing the words “Is No Fun, Is No Blinsky!”

She has one daughter: Gertruda

Mary of Barovia

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