Ireena Kolyana of Barovia

Human, 22, 5'7", 156 lbs


Auburn hair, Green eyes, very fit, curvaceous body, strikingly beautiful

  • Talks with a soft, sultry voice
  • Strong-willed
  • Aids the party as best she can in saving herself

The adopted daughter of the burgomaster, Ireena, has been bitten twice by Strahd. The villagers are afraid of her and avoid her. She doesn’t remember her early past. She doesn’t know how she came to Barovia or where she came from. Moreover, her encounters with Strahd are fuzzy memories, but she can recall clearly the blazing hunger in his eyes. She tells the characters that wolves and other terrible creatures attacked the house night after night for weeks. The burgomaster’s heart couldn’t stand the constant assault, and he died three days ago. Strangely, since his death, the house has not come under attack.

Ireena Kolyana of Barovia

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