Duchess Morwen Aehild of Winterhaven

Human, 39, 5'5", 142 lbs


full-figured, elaborately garbed (like a rich noble), brown hair, brown eyes, big boned, plain features

  • Speaks in a husky, throaty voice with a locked jaw, almost manly, and tilts her head while speaking
  • Her intelligence and wisdom are higher than normal
  • She tends to be suspicious and worrisome, fears for her position, a bit paranoid
  • She does not mingle with commoners and thinks of them as beneath her
  • She never goes anywhere without plenty of guards (at least 10)
  • She has heard of the PCs and is grateful to them for re-opening trade between Winterhaven and Fallcrest
  • She is aware of Brick’s noble family and considers them loyal and valuable friends

Duchess Morwen Aehild is the highest ranking noble human of the region, hereditary lord of Winterhaven. She is in charge of the town’s justice, defense, and laws, but mostly appoints minor nobles to deal with those duties directly. She also appoints other minor nobles to deal with commoners in charge of routine commerce and public projects.

She is currently not married. Her Husband, Duke Edmun Aehild, died five years ago in a hunting accident. He was 43 at the time.

They have three children: Lyn (the oldest daughter), Olweac (son), and Erert (son)

Duchess Morwen Aehild of Winterhaven

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