Points of Light (DM: Michael)

The Tome of Strahd

Dec. 13, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

During our last session, survivors from the battle at Yester Hill set fire to the wooden statue that resembled Strahd. This revealed one of the missing gemstones from the winery, a stone that had been embedded inside the statue. Our group of adventurers then decided to leave the hill and take the magic stone to the winery where they decided to regroup and heal. They decided to leave behind the strange bleeding tree with its shambling figures and the skeleton and the shiny ax embedded in its trunk, choosing to avoid any kind of potential conflict while still hurt. Instead, as they descended the hill to leave, an apparition of a long-dead chieftain appeared and approached Lemac telling her that she is worthy to claim his spear of power. The apparition led her to one of the cairns. The entire group removed the stones and revealed a magic spear that now belongs to Lemac. Meanwhile, Mort rushed the body of Luther to the abbot in Kresk in hopes of bringing him back to life. The abbot agreed to do so only when Mort told him that he and his friends would help him secure a priceless beautiful wedding dress for his flesh golem bride to wear and a magic glowing necklace for her to wear as well. Mort then returned with the resurrected Luther. The party split up again, this time Luther, shaken up by his recent near-death experience stayed at the winery while Mort went to Vallaki to get the dress and items needed to create the necklace, teaming up with your magic users to work on creating an amulet of light for her to wear. While doing this, Brick and several of you traveled toward Mount Ghakis and Tsolenka Pass, following the road that leads there. They came to a gated portcullis and guard tower with golden statues, barring their way. It was positioned strategically in a choke point where the road dropped off to an 800-foot ravine on one side and had an icy sheer cliff on the other side. As they approached, the gate facing them magically opened, revealing a magical curtain of green flame on the inside that barred further passage. Brick threw an object into the flame that got vaporized. He then decided to climb the gate wall and lower a rope to the others in an attempt to circumvent the green flames. Upon reaching the top, two massive statues of demons came to life and attacked. One of them screeched, stunning Dainen. It grabbed the helpless Dainen and carried him out over the ravine and dropped him into the 800-foot precipice. Brick and the others continued battling and finally prevailed. Believing Dainen to be dead, they continued on and investigated the tower beyond the snowy portcullis. Climbing to the top of this tower they saw several dead bodies half buried in snow. As they approached, they were attacked by snow spectres. Again, they prevailed. While searching the bodies they found an old, worn book that turned out to be a valuable tome that had been written by Strahd himself. Inside, you learned some very useful things: including how to harm him. It was about this time that Mort showed up after helping the magic users start their work on the magic necklace. Brick told him to fetch the body of Dainen at the bottom of the ravine. When he did so, he miraculously discovered that Dainen had survived the fall. He flew him back up to the others. After this joyous reunion, you are now ready to decide what to do next and to descend the tower. And this is where we begin today’s adventures…



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