Points of Light (DM: Michael)

Return to Vallaki

Dec. 10, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

Our last session found you leaving the old mill, failing to find and rescue Ireena. You decided to return to Vallaki for a few days before perusing your next goal: a visit to to the village of Kresk, followed by another visit to the Wizard of Wines where you have heard there is trouble again. A storm of many days finally passed and the weather turned to fog and clouds. Along the way, you also decided to stop by the mysterious tower again. Upon returning to Vallaki, though, before setting out on this journey, you discovered there had been sightings of the hags in town delivering pies to households and occasionally taking children. Ismark told you that one of the guards who had been watching the children from the werewolf den had decided to make some money by selling some of those children to a local couple who had an interest in them. Apparently, he thought nothing of it, that no one would care or notice. He was right for a time until your uncle personally decided to check in on them and, while doing so, overheard one of the children fearfully praying not to be taken away like the others. When he asked the child what she meant, under some additional prompting and delicate questioning, she said three of the other children had been taken away on different days during this week, told to go potty, but never returned. Hearing this, your Uncle Fred continued to ask questions. He determined they all went missing under the watch of the same guard, a man named Goltin. Goltin, it turns out, had been giving them to a couple who said they had always wanted children, but couldn’t have any of their own. The couple then gave the guard a bit of money as a “finders fee” for any children he could bring them. He had brought them three over the course of a week. Further investigation determined that this couple had actually been more or less holed up in their home for days at a time, and seen buying pies from the hags. A neighbor also said she saw the hags take a large squirming bundle from their home on one of the days after giving the couple pies. Several of you then decided to pay the couple a visit and arrest them. Mort offered them one of your pies if they would tell everything they know, and it worked. The couple said there was still one of the children at their home, locked in a hidden space under the stairs, and that the hags were due to return the next morning to claim the child for more pies. You then set up an ambush for the hags, killing two of them. But the third escaped. After that, you then finished preparations for your journey and set out. At the tower, you figured out how to get inside safely and explored all the levels. There was little of interest except for an elevator manned my magical golems, and on the top level you saw signs of someone living there recently. You also found an suit of armor that after you spoke Khazan, the word you saw on the front door, it animated and followed your orders. Satisfied there was nothing else of interest in the tower, you then exited the tower to have another look at the wagon outside. It was then that an injured rider on a horse came racing across the causeway to the tower’s island and pulled up near the wagon. The figure dismounted. It turned out the wagon belonged to her. Discovering it to be a woman, you decided she was no threat and healed her. In gratitude, she sat with you and told you some of her story. You then happened to mention you were looking for Rictavio. She excitedly told you that she was, too, and that he at one time was her master. She then told you more about herself and her relationship with Rictavio and why she was searching for him: that she had been following in his footsteps, looking to assist him in doing battle against Strahd. You then convinced her to stay with you and assist you in your fight against Strahd and to find Rictavio. After that, you left the tower and traveled to Kresk. Your reception was polite, but cold. The people did not want you stirring up trouble and told you to go away. You then snuck into the village and made your way up to the local abbey. While there you found all kinds of deformed human-like beings, and you tied up a few that could talk and then went around the abbey slaughtering many, many others. While investigating the rest of the place you came across the abbot who was in the process of teaching a woman he had created out sewn together flesh to be a proper bride for Strahd after having magically animated the flesh into a golem. He explained that he had spoken to Strahd and that the vampire had agreed to leave Barovia once he had a wife. That was why he had created the golem and was teaching it etiquette. You also learned that the abbot was actually an angel in disguise, a deva. You determined his intentions were good and he also explained that all the deformed people you had murdered were from the same family, a family that had lived here prior to his arrival and had been cursed. He had tried to help them, and failing that, did the next best thing: kept them out of mischief and many of them locked up, but alive and well fed. After hearing the angel’s story, you decided to make a deal with him: all of you would share the abbey and not get in the way of each other’s goals.



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