Points of Light (DM: Michael)

In search of werewolves

Dec. 5, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

You are currently being guided through the woods by Szoldar Szoldarovich and Yevgeni Krushkin in search of some caves. The two hunters, decked out in their wolf furs, have brought you to this area to search of a suspected den of werewolves. A short time ago, you ran across a strange tower with an abandoned wagon out front. A spell determined that both the tower and the wagon were heavily infused with magic. After knocking on both the tower and the wagon and getting no response, you decided to leave them alone and take a rest. While doing this, your newest companion wandered off and found some strange mushrooms as well as a nightcap partially buried in the dirt. Taking the cap, he put it on with no apparent effect. Meanwhile, Mort scouted around the area on his broom, searching for cave entrances and looking for wolves or men. He spotted a group of wolves that disappeared into the woods and later spotted several cave entrances. After reporting this to the group, everyone agreed to investigate a small cluster of caves on the opposite side of the lake first. So you quickly packed up and set out again. The guides led you back to the road and around part of the lake to a thick forest. There, they told you that to get the caves it would be quickest to cut through the forest and follow the lake’s shoreline. While doing this you ran across a half-naked druid running through the woods accompanied by twig blights. The druid shouted “must have it!” and manically charged Jocelyn, setting off a thunderwave spell before being skewered by Brick’s lance. After that, you disposed of the twig blights. That was a few hours ago. Now your feet are a bit sore from your travels. Fresh from battle, you continue to trudge through the woods and head toward the hills Mort told you about. Mort, flying overhead, scouts ahead and is using his alone time to continue pondering his recent decision to double cross Strahd and the assassination attempt on his life.

And so begins today’s adventures…



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