Points of Light (DM: Michael)

Have Fun Storming the Castle Boys!

Dec. 21, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

During our last session, members of your party decided to return to the winery to regroup. Afterward, they traveled back to Yester Hill, approaching the spooky looking copse of trees where plant-like figures were shambling about. After a brief battle you easily defeated the creatures. Pulling an abandoned ax from the tree that had been embedded in it by someone who had long ago died at the location (and his skeleton was there, next to the ax), you discovered the ax was magical and especially potent against plants and plant-like creatures. You then used it to chop down the bleeding tree. After that, you traveled back to the winery, gathered the rest of your group, and traveled to Vallaki to check up on the town and determine if anything untoward had happened in your absence. While there, your mages finished creating the magical amulet for the abbot in Kresk. Mort then flew it to the abbot as promised, along with the other jewelry and a wedding dress. You also spent a week hiring people from the town and had them go to your tower to begin repairing it. While conducting research, you learned the bleeding tree was not destroyed. You then traveled to the tower after learning that Rictavio had shown up there. He had entered the tower (apparently he already knew the entrance code) and after speaking with you began living in the top-most floor. You convinced him to team up with you against Strahd. He then convinced all of you to storm Strahd’s castle, with his help of course. It was then most of you set out for Strahd’s castle. Along the way, you were ambushed in the woods east of Vallaki. From one side of the trail you heard the howls of wolves, from the other side you could smell an awful stench. Mort spotted three figures in the distance at the end of the path where the rest of you could not see them. Preparing for battle, you were then beset by packs of wolves on one side and hordes of zombies on the other, and from out of the trees swarms of bats surrounded Mort. That is where we left off…



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