Points of Light (DM: Michael)

Fall of the burgomaster

Dec. 3, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

Five days ago you explored the suspicious-looking shop of a coffin maker and found a group of vampires hidden in the attic. The vampires killed one of your companions and chased off the rest of you. Fleeing to the burgomaster’s mansion in terror you discovered that the vampires had stopped following you. You spent the night in the mansion awaiting the safety of daybreak before venturing outside again. You then spent several days searching in vain for signs of the missing vampires who had left the shop and apparently moved their resting places to different, unknown locations. A day later, while continuing your search, you heard screams coming from the town’s church. Investigating, you discovered the church was under attack by the same vampires that had attacked you and that people were fleeing the church. The vampires attacked the church and the priest inside it. You saved the priest from certain death and drove off the vampires, returning to the burgomaster’s mansion to report what had happened. The next day, most of the townsfolk, along with many of the town guard, rose up in anger and marched on the Burgomaster’s mansion in an effort to kill him. Your party intervened and convinced the mob to spare the burgomaster’s life. In return, you gave them assurances that the burgomaster would never again rule and that Brick would instead become the town’s burgomaster and eliminate all the festivals. when making this deal you also made a deal with the burgomaster telling him that you would spare his life and keep the townsfolk from lynching him as long as he assisted you in providing advice on ruling and the town’s taxes and finances and such. Brick then decided to spend the next few days with the former burgomaster to learn from him and take over his duties. While he did this, Mort and a few others set off to investigate the strange fisherman who kept going to the lake and not returning with any fish. They discovered the man was under a strange trance and followed him to the lake where he then tried to get into a boat with a bundled-up girl. Freeing the girl from his clutches you then decided to take her to safety. She said that her father could be found at a Vistani camp near town. While traveling toward the camp, the girl has become sullen and started to act strange. You have just brought her to town and you are now preparing to take her home, calming her and assuring her that she will soon be with her father. Stopping in briefly to report your findings to Brick, you have now gathered up the girl and are setting out again on the road to take her back to her father at the nearby Vistani camp. As you do so, a large human approaches you. He is over six feet tall and very muscular, a young man, you guess about 18, outfitted in old, antiquated armor you don’t recognize and carrying a shield. A warhammer hangs from his belt and a crossbow is strapped to his back. Around his neck he wears an amulet fashioned to look like a shield with a hammer emblazoned on it. His hair and eyes are dark brown in color. He introduces himself, saying his name is Luther and he has heard of you and your most recent battle with the vampires, and that you are hoping to defeat Strahd and leave this realm. “Well, I would like to join you,” he says. “If you’ll have me. I wish to leave this world, too. My parents came from another world 18 years ago, a different one than yours, and they died when I was young. I’ve lived in this nightmarish place ever since, and I want out. I don’t care where. Anywhere but here. I can be of help. My father taught me about Krom, our god, and told me bits and pieces of our world. Taught me to fight. I have never seen their world, but that is how I got all this:” he points to his equipment. “This was all my father’s: the armor, weapons, amulet. It is he who taught me to speak to Krom, though the connection feels strained here and sullied by Strahd’s repressive magic.”

Have Brick’s uncle Amdol step in with a gruff, commanding voice. He says, "A brave enough lad, sure enough, and big… Hmfff…any help is welcome, that’s for sure… but definitely wet behind the ears. One nibble on his neck will drop him dead like a fainting maiden, I recken. I say he stays to the back of our group and out of the way. "

Have Ismark add in a lisp, “I’ll watttch over him. He can ssstay in front of me, in casthe theirs an ambuth.”

As the others begin to add to the discussion, Arabelle, the girl they are escorting, butts in and looks at him strangely and says “Yes, it is him…I see it now.” What she means by this you are not sure, but then she suddenly begins to convulse and goes silent, falling to the ground and continuing to shake, frothing from the mouth and uttering strange words, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

What do you do?



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