Points of Light (DM: Michael)

A visit to the burgomaster

Nov. 21, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

During our last session, you entered the town of Vallaki and spoke with the guards at the wall. The sergeant shared a bit of information with you, telling you how to get to the burgomaster’s mansion. After that, you came across a stockyard with many sheds and warehouses as well as a carnival wagon that was being stored there. You spoke with the husband and wife who run the establishment and discovered that they also run a general store at the site. They told you of an old, abandoned smith’s shop at the town square, and agreed to supply you with fuel and materials in return for the wolf pelts you skinned off the wolves you fought outside the walls of the town. After that you paid a visit to the burgomaster’s residence, seeking an audience with him, and was told to come back the next day. You then went back to the town square to investigate the abandoned smith’s shop and along the way saw a few people in stockades in the middle of the town square, apparently being punished for some sort of crime. You also noticed a sign hanging on the post near the abandoned shop that stated “Festival of the Blazing Sun” (written in big letters at the top) and “Show your good cheer this Third Day in the town square. All must attend.” (which was written underneath in smaller letters).” After that, you removed the boards on the boarded up door of the shop and entered. While investigating the rooms inside, you were attacked by swarms of rats. Killing them, you then set about finding the shop’s forge and cleaning up the place. You also paid a visit to the town’s inn, making arrangements for food. While there, you met a couple of rough-looking men who offered their services as guides or hunters. You also learned some information that might prove valuable in pursuing one of your card-reading fortunes: these brothers told you of a lake surrounded by hills and suggested that might be the place you are looking for. You also encountered a few other people, including the innkeeper. He asked a favor of you: to investigate why his latest shipment of wine is way overdue. While in the tavern, you also learned that the burgomaster holds festivals every week and the next one is in three days, and attendance is mandatory. One person whispered to you that the burgomaster holds the festivals in an attempt to create cheer and happiness among the populace, believing that a happy populace will remove Strahd’s curse from the land. The next day, you returned to the burgomaster’s mansion and spoke with the burgomaster. He arrived with his wife and a silent, sullen man with a deformed arm. The wife constantly giggled at everything her husband said, clapping hands in delight, and inviting you all for tea. Meanwhile, the burgomaster agreed to allow you to use his library. He also agreed to let you fix up and purchase the old blacksmith’s shop in the town’s square. He then invited you to be his special guests at the upcoming festival. You agreed and went back to the old shop to continue repairing it, as well as encouraged Mort to speed off on his flying broom to the far-off wineries to determine what has been holding up the latest shipments to the tavern. In addition, while in town, you also heard the following rumors: 1) purple flashes of light have been seen emanating from the attic of the burgomaster’s mansion; 2) west of town is a haunted mansion. Legend has it that a dragon died there long ago; 3) It’s too dangerous to go fishing on Lake Zarovich, but the threat of Strahd’s wolves hasn’t stopped Bluto Krogarov, the town drunk, from trying. He sets out each morning and returns every evening, but hasn’t caught any fish in a while.

This, my friends, is where our current session begins…with Mort having just arrived at the winery and the festival scheduled to take place two days from now. Meanwhile, Brick has decided to go around town asking questions and investigating answers to some things he’d like to know 1) what are the guards numbers? 2) What is their equipment 3) What do the outer defenses look like, and 4) would like to purchase a map of the town of Vallaki



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