Points of Light (DM: Michael)

A surprise visit from Strahd

Nov. 19, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

During our last session, while on your way to the town of Vallaki, the group of you approached a derelict mill even though you had been warned against entering it. As you did, Lomac noticed a raven on the doorstep acting erratically. He determined it was trying to communicate with you and so he cast a spell to see why. Through the sharing of thoughts, he learned that the raven was trying to lead the party somewhere. He also saw images of three old women who entered the mill periodically, sometimes bringing children with them. Our heroes, after sharing information and thoughts, decided that they were night hags like the one previously encountered in the village of Barovia. The raven then led you all around the outside of the mill to a path that led down to the edge of a forest. There you found four large stone monoliths and a flock of fretful ravens. While investigating them, you learned the monoliths were an ancient holy place dedicated to a group of old gods, but they had been desecrated by the hags. Each stone depicted a different city. And one of you remembered an ancient legend that told of these Four Cities, said to be the cities of paradise where The Morninglord, Mother Night, and the other ancient gods first dwelled. Lemac then found a pile of children’s teeth on the ground between the stones…and a bit of dream pastry like those previously encountered back in town that were taken from the hag’s cart. Additional images from the raven showed you that the hags often come there to leave the offerings to Ceithlenn of the Crooked Teeth, an archfey that they apparently worship, as a way to desecrate the holy place. It was about this time that the characters decided that the coven of three hags inside the mill might be too much for them so they decided to avoid it after all and head on toward the town of Vallaki, escorting Ireena there in hopes of bringing her to safety and away from the clutches of the vampire Strahd. As you approached the town, though, you spotted a large cloud of bats approaching through the air. Many of you hid with Ireena and her brother while two of you continued toward the town with the wagon and ponies. While hiding you heard movements and then saw a pack of wolves sniffing and searching the area. Meanwhile, a mist rolled in and formed into an ominous figure on the road…and a group of zombies converged from another direction. Strahd demanded you give him Ireena, but you all refused. That was when you were surprised to discover that one of the zombies was your dead companion Tic Tac, missing part of his arm. A battle ensued as Mort tried to whisk Ireena to safety inside the town’s wall upon his magic broom. Your priest turned most of the zombies and Lemac entrapped the wolves with a spell. The vampire then turned into a bat and tried to intercept Mort and Ireena. The vampire attacked in bat form once and then flew off into the distance never to be seen again. Mort and Ireena joined the other companions inside the safety of the town’s walls while the rest of you drove off the last of the wolves. You then skinned the wolves and carried the pelts into the town, marching past several wolves heads mounted on pikes that had previously been placed outside the town’s gates before you even arrived.

It is here, in the town of Vallaki, where our session now begins…



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