Points of Light (DM: Michael)

A deal with Lady Wachter

Dec. 8, 328 F.N. (since the fall of Nerath)

When we last left off, Lady Wachter had made a deal with you. If allowed to round up her followers and belongings and to leave town peacefully she agreed to never come back to town. She agreed to not oppose you ever again in the future and would do her best to never cross paths with you again. She then spent the whole day loading up a couple of wagons and preparing to leave town. While doing so, she warned you that she has many followers and spies watching, so if you double cross her Brick’s uncle will die. She then rode to the edge of town with 36 of her cult members, Nikolai and Karl (her two sons), and with all her belongings in a couple of wagons, as well as “Ernst” her spy (but actually one of you in disguise) and Father Lucien (the town’s priest who you learned was in her possession and has his hands tied). Once outside of the town’s gates she left one of her sons, Karl, with you as collateral, and took Father Lucien with her for additional security. Once she and her cultists felt safe, Ernst returned to town a while later along with the priest, carrying a message from her. Ernst (actually Jocelyn) then handed over her message which led them to Brick’s uncle. You successfully retrieved Brick’s uncle, and decided in the end to not seek out Lady Wachter. Instead, you sent Mort invisibly on his broom to the town of Kresk to scout it out. Along the way, he was shocked to find Lady Wachter’s entourage dead on the road with the wagons looted and left nearby, blood everywhere. Bite marks on their necks. He gathered up the bodies and burned them. After that, while continuing his mission toward Kresk, he came across Strahd and a number of his spawn waiting at the crossroads, smiling. Strahd was scrying him and because of it knew Mort was nearby. Somewhat guessing, Strahd flung a fireball toward where he thought Mort was. Mort evaded it and flew on. While visiting Kresk he spoke briefly with the burgomeister there and told them to expect a visit from the new burgomeister of Vallaki. The burgomeister did not seem thrilled about that and told him that their town would prefer not to have them visit. Mort continued his visit and scouted out the place. He found a fountain with water that has healing properties. He also went up to the doors of the town’s abbey. There he encountered two misshapen humanoids that behaved strangely. He also heard a bell ring followed by strange hoots, hollering, laughter and sounds. The two figures invited him to meet the abbot. But Mort thought better of it and decided to leave. He flew back to Vallaki to report his findings. All of you then decided, before going to Kresk, to go to the Old Mill and see if you can rescue the abducted Ireena. You arrived at the mill expecting to encounter the hags. But while exploring, you saw no sign of the hags, only burnt pastries still cooking in the oven, an overturned cart you remember the hags used to gather up children and distribute pastries, some blood, as well as the body of Ireena’s brother Izek with bite marks on his neck. You can only assume that Strahd now has Ireena. After burning him, Luther decided to eat a pastry, falling into a slumber. That is where we left off, with all of you deciding to move onto your next goal, which is to leave the mill and head for Kresk, stopping off by the magical tower of lightning along the way. You are going to return to Vallaki first and take a few days to prepare for this journey.



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